My Journey to Mexico

As a native Texan, the country of Mexico is easily accessible. Texas is heavily surrounded by Mexican culture. Because of this, you would think I have traveled to this country multiple times. However, my first encounter with this vibrant country was in 2021. We enjoyed the country so much that we traveled later that year…

I’m a tourist, how do I say…

The best way to spend your time as a tourist abroad is by learning at least a little of the local language. You don’t want to feel lost by not recognizing certain words on things such as bathroom signs. Learning something more than just a hello and thank you can make your travels more fun…

Traveling Abroad during Covid

I must say, we had real fears about traveling during Covid last year. We booked and canceled a number of flights because of this valid fear. We decided to take a leap and traveled to the state of Florida. This trip was our doorway to branching out further. 7 months later we decided to do…

Negril caught my heart

When I was told that Negril has one of the best beaches in the world, I had to see it for myself. Although this was my 3rd trip to Jamaica and second to Negril, this was the first time I got a chance to go to 7 mile beach. It was was truly the best…


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About Us

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