My Journey to Mexico

As a native Texan, the country of Mexico is easily accessible. Texas is heavily surrounded by Mexican culture. Because of this, you would think I have traveled to this country multiple times. However, my first encounter with this vibrant country was in 2021. We enjoyed the country so much that we traveled later that year to a second city. ​Our first destination was Ensenada and we stayed in a chic Airbnb, Casa de Corazones. We journeyed to Valle de Guadalupe and took a ride through their impressive wine country. Our second destination was Cabo San Lucas, which is more popular. The scenery was breathtaking. These are some key things we recommend on your next trip to these two Mexico destinations:

Ensenada/Valle de Guadalupe

Cabos San Lucas

As you know, most of my recommendations encompasses food. This is because I experience different cultures through my taste buds. No trip is complete without thoroughly satisfying your palate. Besides these eateries, make sure to do a whale watching tour in Cabos San Lucas if you will be traveling there between November and March. Cabo also has the perfect environment for snorkeling.

Which city do I like the best? Ensenada or Cabo San Lucas? Well…I like them equally the same. Ensenada is more of a Napa Valley, CA comparison but with better scenic views, and Cabo San Lucas is more adventure filled. So, whatever your cup of tea is, you won’t be disappointed!

Make sure to grab you an authentic sombrero on your way home!

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