I’m a tourist, how do I say…

The best way to spend your time as a tourist abroad is by learning at least a little of the local language. You don’t want to feel lost by not recognizing certain words on things such as bathroom signs. Learning something more than just a hello and thank you can make your travels more fun and easier. By learning a few common phrases, you will be able to see sights you would have never imagined existed if a native hadn’t shown you, eat the best foods, and make your way around the city. Here are a few other reasons:

  • You don’t have to eat like a tourist. Learning a few food phrases and native foods will open doors to many delicious dishes everywhere you go.
  • You are saved from getting lost if you know the basics, such as reading timetables, choosing the correct mode of transportation, and reading direction signs.

Check your city for local classes or do an online course. The online course I recommend is Talk2Practice. They are currently offering a Basic Spanish course specifically for tourists. It’s a 6-week course for $113. Don’t want to commit for that long? They also offer a one hour class for $18.99. No commitment necessary. Learning a few phrases for when you travel internationally will give you memories a simple tourist could not make. You will feel proud for going one step further and making that little effort. When you head back home from your trip, you will be eager to go back because you will have experienced new things during your time away. Definitely seize an opportunity to do this on your next international trip!

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