Negril caught my heart

When I was told that Negril has one of the best beaches in the world, I had to see it for myself. Although this was my 3rd trip to Jamaica and second to Negril, this was the first time I got a chance to go to 7 mile beach. It was was truly the best beach I have ever went to. I do not know how to swim and usually go into the ocean just a little. But the water was sooo clear and no seaweed, pure sand. I felt comfortable enough to walk further in the ocean until it was up to my chest. Granted some others saw a stingray and I took off running, but I do not regret the time I spent in the ocean which was the longest in my entire life. It was amazing for me. Now to the tips for future visitors! Negril is famous for it’s beautiful sunsets and a 7-mile stretch of white sandy beaches with crystalline waters. And don’t forget the picturesque cliffs! If feeling irie vibes, come to Negril and hit up our personal driver Bigship Tours. Crisp Red Stripe on arrival. And don’t forget the two sisters, Skylark Negril and Rockhouse Hotel. The best of both worlds. Skylark is right on 7 mile beach and Rockhouse is on the cliff side with the beautiful sunsets. They have a free shuttle that runs daily in between both hotels. And lastly, Miss Lily’s. We will come back just for a seat at her table. Spectacular food!

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